Ayurveda Therapies,Massages,Yoga,Reiki and Cooking Courses


Hello My name is Rajvick – and i am a teacher of Ayurvedic therapies,Massages,Facials,beauty therapies through Natural ingredients and I have great knowladge of Meditation ,Yoga and Reiki.

I work from my house in a small room In New delhi city of India – I have experince over 15 yrs in therapies and few yrs in yoga -I offer few courses which are mentioned below 

Please see below my courses, Requesting you to please read whole page and if you still have question or you wish to reserve a course then send me a email and you can also add me on whatsapp to be in conversation – 0091-9810266281 or  0033-611821387

Before you read all course please note that i can come also to your country to give you course there  –  You need to send me proper documents to apply for visa ! Drop me a email in case you need me Right in your Home,your town or region

Please see below all courses

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1,Basics of ayurveda which consists of Ayurvedic massages as practical and a bit of theory ,This course duration is 3 days (Can finish in 1 full day if you have less time)

Massage Abhyanga with theory ( reflexology of hands and feets,Back massage )

Guarantee that you will be a Masseur / Masseuse in Just few hours of training or i will refund you the money

Fees Indian Rs 10,000/

Abhyangam- INCLUDES – Back massage,Reflexology Hands,Reflexology Feet, Full body Massage -with Theory

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Please note the duration of 1 day means 4 to 10 hours depending on how fast you learn – I do not compromise with the quality of training,You will get real personal training 


(Course B+C+D TOGETHER) Advanced Ayurveda course WITH Yoga and Indian cooking punjab style (Optional Free) – Duration Intense 5 to 6 full days (Minimum 8 hours every day) These 3 courses Includes –

Sucess Of a Nice Course

A complete  package for becoming a professional includes detailed theory and practicals

Full course Fees Indian Rs – 56,000/ Including (Your Hotel) a small clean room with wc and bath for 7 days, Duration of course – Intense 6 DaysIts a lot of work , + day 7 for revision if necessary

Course B 

If you dont want all three courses togather and you want only course B then the price is 35000/ without hotel accomodation

This Course Includes – 

1, Abhyanga  (Includes full body massage with hand and feet reflexology,back massage)

if you just want to learn this therapy and not the full course then – please see Course A

2,Facials 3 types (Includes Face Massage and all materials) 2 practical and 1 in theory

if you just want to learn Facials and not the full B course then – Duration 1 day Price 6000 Rs per person

3,Shirodhara (Includes 3 to 5 litres of Oil)

if you just want to learn Shirodhara and not the full B course then – Duration 1 day Price 10000 Rs per person

Beauty Of Face,Facial

4,Potli Massage (Includes all ingredients and all important herbs) also known as packet massage or bolus bag massage for various skin problems 

if you just want to learn Potli Massage and not the full B course then -Duration 1 day Price 5000 Rs per person

5,Kati vasti (Includes Material and Oil) This therapy is for Old back pains and even sciatic and other vein problems

if you just want to learn Kativasti and not the full B course then – Duration 1 day Price 5000 Rs per person

6,Udhvartanam (Powder Massage)  For Weight loss 

if you just want to learn Udhvartanam and not the full B course then – Duration 1 day Price 3000 Rs per person

7,Marma points Massage (Needs Good Theory) All 108 points on body explained with their benefits

if you just want to learn Marma Massage and not the full B course then – Duration 1 to Two days Price 10000 Rs per person

8 ,Shiroabhyangam or Head massageA complete rejuvenation of entire head

if you just want to learn Shiroabhyangam and not the full B course  – then the price will be 10000 Rs and 1 day 

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Ayurveda Course

COURSE C  YOGA COURSE – Let us remove bad energy everyday !

9, Yoga course

(Please note – I teach Yoga and all aasnas/exercises with benifits, best for body chakras, to renergise them, but I dont do Yoga exercises while training,but i will give you the best by my vast knowladge in Yoga since 15 yrs,I have learnt in Ashrams and Forests of India)

if you want just C course not the full B course then price for this will be 15000/rs  per person for 6 days and 1 TO 3 hours every day –

This Course Includes – 

Meditation,Pranayam,7 chakras explaination and healing by Yoga – 21 MAJOR Yogik AASNAS/Exercises to make your chakras leave bad energy every day

Course D   Cooking Course Punjab style – Optional 

10,Cooking Course is optional 

If you want just this course and not course B and C then this is a Free course you are most welcome if i am available 

Normally i offer this course free on donation,In this Course I will teach you Few nice dishes from north india punjab style which are not ayurvedique but for pleasing your family and friends and also for restaurant purpose , few nice drinks: (One Ayurvedic dish for all types of patients Included in this free course) Total 7 dishes in 7 days and 3 drinks + One ayurvedic dish

So what we cook everyday in kitchen we eat,and your food will be included in Course, One meal or may be Two depending on capacity to learn (for full course)




( Course F )

Hot Stone Massage -This Course is for Rs 10000/ Per person (Not always available)


Yoga Training (Bad energy removal yoga)


REIKI COURSES –  My coulleague will give you this course subject to availability,if he is not busy with other students

For Reiki all levels reservation Please send me a email – Price per level is 10000/ Indian Rupees per person – 4 Levels will be 40000/INR till Master ship,You can even open your own school + (Free with this course Pendulam/dowsing training for one day ,all notes and 1 reiki treatment for your body)

This training is given by Reiki Master with experince over 10 yrs ,A reiki course can be much more cheaper in other institutes but what costs more is experince of Reiki Master and it will be one on one training specially designed for you

If you opt in for all  4 levels of Reiki then your hotel accomodation is included in this price – Small clean guest house or hotel with WC and bath for One week


Hotels reservation – at PAHARGANJ New Delhi India – 7 nights  – 1000 to 1500/ INR per night – SMALL HOTEL WITH bed and toilet with bath !(OR There are more cheaper hotels but you have to search yourself i will tell you the place)


(Course H)  Free/Donation based COURSE offered subject to availability of cook – (you can give donation if you want and You need to give us the vegetables, lentils oils and masalas which you can buy from supermarket nearby) Note – This is a restaurant cuisine course not ayurvedic cooking,But ayurvedic cooking course is available with us

I will teach you indian kitchen with few dishes and few drinks which you can make anywhere to please your family friends back home


Learning indian cooking(Free Course)

I have few more courses,which you can enquire,they are subject to availability of specialists and doctors  like Ayurvedic oil Fabrication Course,oil for vata oil for pita oil for kapha , Nutrition Course , Herbology ,Ayurvedic cooking etc – Drop me a email and i will reply you normally within few hours or see courses by doctors and specialists –https://vedacourse.com/reiki-course-delhi


Deliciouse indian spicy food

Some small CONDITIONS/TERMS and information you need to sign before start of course/Or if you want me to come to your country to teach you

IMP INFORMATION – Certification – Please note that every country has its own laws for therapies and massages,so it is not sure that a certificate is valid as per juridiction of your country;see your countrys law !! So this certificate is a Medal for your art learnt

Advance of 20 percent is required at the time of booking 

You have to pay full amount of course on Day 2 of training before start of class Please note that you will get one day of training free, In this one day if you dont like my course by any reasons,you will get complete refund and your advance will be refunded and no questions asked but if you choose to stay then there will be no refunds at all after that so you will have full one day to observe my class 

If you opt in for short course of 1 day upto 3 days ,you will have one hour to observe my class ,if you are satisfied by my teachings then you have to pay full course fees on same day or you will be refunded your advance money and no questions asked

Please be aware these course requires good heart and health,You must consult your doctor before taking any massage course as they are energetic in nature ,I will not to be held responsible if you face any medical health problem during or after the course

These courses specially Massage courses requires lots of oil on body and you understand and give me premission to perform these activities for training purpose only as upper body will have to be without clothes 

Videography is not allowed but photo clicks are allowed

Refund Policy (If you have booked a course in India)

Cancellation of Course due to any reasons before start of course will give you full refunds if you are opting courses in India (if you have booked a course in India)

Even if you are in India and cancel my course before 12h of start of course,you will get full refund 

For Your Help as per humanity 

If you are in India and in some trouble before start of my course or during my course,and even a big trouble,but you are within indian law limits and rightful then full assistance will be provided to you by means of law and all information will be given to solve out

Terms For courses out of my country and in Your country if you invite me

Course Price is 750€ per person (Ayurveda therapises and massages complete course for 6 days with 4 hours of theorie and practicals) + Free course offered – Indian cooking Value 199€ + Free course of Yoga for removing bad energy everyday Value 299€ (2 Students minimum) Free courses are optional and not adjustable in course fees + In this small price You have to give me a hostel ,hotel ,guest house for 7 days or accomodate me anywhere with one bed , bath and toilette5 

My airticket and travelling expenses are included in Course fees, you dont have to pay for i

You have to send me proper documents and help me obtain visa for this purpose

I work as a freelancer,free liberation work 

I will pay my taxes or they are to be deducted from the course fees and you are liable for tax authority  (If any)

For your information – I already work in France and pay my taxes there

If you are single student then prices would be 1248€ + 2 courses free(Free courses are optional but not adjustable in course fees)

Timings for course would be 10 AM UPTO 8 PM anytime depending on how many students are there and how many free courses you are taking(Very flexible)

 For your course you have to give me One massage table and all ingredients (I will send you the list of herbs and powders)

REFUND POLICY (if you have booked a course at your home)

Courses out of India if i am your invitee then you will not get any refunds of your advances as money goes to Air ticket and hotel reservations 

If you have some of your terms and conditions to sign then please ensure that they match all my terms,should be in simple english and no hidden things ,if anything not understandable then it should be explained and can not bound me for anything and can not breach my terms

All terms are subject to change without any prior intimation except those already signed

For all courses in India or in your country CONTACT ME AT –

visiterinde@hotmail.com – I normally reply instantly or may be in 2 hours time

or contact me at WHATSAPP number – (Best option to chat to me directly)


For courses in France  – in French Languages only -Please see my website in Franch language here – http://www.formationmassagefrance.com and You can also see lots of photos in photo gallery for my work on this website


If you are in new delhi,then you can also come to have nice therapies/massage on your body


1 Abhyangam full body massage – 1800 FOR 1 HOUR WITH SWEDNA


2 Marma Massage 1500 RS FOR 1 HOUR

Few More Massages and therapies are available – You can ask me they are subject to availability

Massages will be provided by a Male Masseur 






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